Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 5th - transfer to Fagaloa...northeast side of the island


hey i have no time to really email because i'm emailing in the office on the AP's computer. i just got my license and learned how to drive stick in 10 minutes. we get this huge van so it should be fun.

i got the package but just about everyhting was moldy. can you send me a backpack, more little towels cause those were un-savable and put more money on the card? I took out 300 tala to pay for the license but i got reinbursed.

This week was crazy!

Tuesday- said goodbye to everyone which was really hard. I'm going to miss Faleasi'u so much. they did a dance thing for the Samoa indepedence day on tuesday night so that made it easy to say goodbye to a lot of people

Wednesday- I went on a split with the zone leaders cause Elder Fifita had to go to the office to train a new missionary. It was fun being with them for the day.

Thursday- we had to get up super early to go do some marching thing in Apia. it was ok. there weren't a whole lot of people there. it,s always fun though being around other missionaries. My companion isn't here yet so I've been with Elder McMichael from my intake. Thursday night we slept with Elder Anderson from my intake as well and his new trainee. It was really fun.
Friday- the AP's picked us up in the morning and took us to our area. It is flippin amazing and I love it.

Saturday- we live at the branch chapel. It's so small and cool. we went out with a kid who is preparing and he showed us around

Sunday_ we went to church and there were about 40 people. two investigators were there, we taught them lesson one and invitied to them to be baptized on the 18th and they said yes so lets hope everything works out!!
That's all i have time for. I can't guarantee i'll have email every week because i'm in the boonies. I love you!!!

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