Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of JULY!

                                         Mutaaga and Daniel...I didn't get a pre-baptism pic

                                Our district.  My old companion is the 2nd one on the left.

                                          This is me and Elder Tiatia, my new companion

This week was good!  My companion got transferred and now I'm companions with the elder I was supposed to be companions with at the beginning of the transfer. His name is Elder Tiatia and he's from West Valley Utah. He started in January but went home for a bit because he got really sick but now he's back. It's been really fun and way less stressful, especially being able to speak English.

The baptisms went well. It was funny/embarrassing what happened. So the font we did it in, the floor was super slippery. I baptized the mom first but SHE DIDN'T BEND HER KNEES so it was kinda all over the place.  So I was thinking you're getting all the way under the water because I aint doing this again. When she came up and I looked at the witnesses they were like I guess. It definitely didn't look pretty but I got it done! Then Daniel was really easy. He reminds me of a Samoan Magnus. He's super cool. The family is awesome. I really want to keep in touch with them so when the year mark hits of their baptism, hopefully they can get sealed in the temple here and I can go.

Other than that, not much is happening. We don't have a single investigator right now but we have faith that we can find at least someone to teach and baptize. It's funny that we went and visited the bishop in Uafato and talked with him for a bit. We asked him if there is anyone to teach and he straight up told us no so....

Oh and our water tank is empty so we've been filling up jugs of water at the zone leaders' houses and filling up buckets from the pipe at the chapel to shower.  Lovin the struggle!!

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