Friday, July 15, 2016

July 11 - a rainbow and my favorite meal

A Samoan rainbow

This is the meal I live for...Lu'au (taro leaves and coconut cream), umu taro and umu pig.  It's extra delicious with handy dandy BBQ sauce that you sent me in the package!

This week was pretty unproductive. We tried to find some people to teach but nothing came of it. On Sunday we decided to go to Uafato for church and it was a good decision. The kid we've been trying to visit was at church and the bishop brought him over to us and said we can do lessons with him so I'm really excited about that. Other than that not much happened this week. We just went to Apia to fill up the car and we bought a basketball and a rugby ball so we'll be getting some excercise in  with the kids every morning.

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