Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 17th post... a little late!

 Takin' a niu brake. The best


This week was good. Sorry my emails are so short there just isn't as much to talk about here. Monday we went and helped a youth in the ward with his plantation. It was fun.

Tuesday we went on a split with the kid we helped Monday. We tried to do some visits but people never really seem too happy to see us come up to their houses. We had one decent visit and we tried to visit them later in the week but no one was home. Next week......

Thursday and Friday we went to Uafato and did lessons with Faleiva and invited him to be baptized the 30th of this month and he said yes. So we just gotta help him come out of his shell a bit. It's definitely better though because the first time we tried to teach him he ran away. He's a good kid and comes to church every Sunday.

Saturday we went on another split with the same kid. We visited some houses that are right around this catholic chapel. There was an old lady (probably 70) and her daughter. The old lady was Mormon but married a man of another faith and he died so she said she'll honor him by going to his church but she knows our church is true. She said we could teach her daughter and her family. The daughter's husband doesn't go to a church so I really hope that could turn into something.

Everyday the kids are asking to use the balls we bought. It's ok, but sometimes it gets a little tiring. 

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