Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 3rd

Malo lava le soifua maua ma le lagi mama!

This week was a bit of a struggle. We had a lot of appointments set and as we went to the appointments, no one was really available so we had a hard time getting a solid lesson to teach.  When our appointments fell through, we would just visit random people and they weren't very warm to us.  That's the way it goes sometimes.

We had one investigator and he went out of town for a long time and he's finally back so I'm excited to get back to him this week and see how he's doing. Also, our ward mission leader's mom gave us a referral and we tried all week to find him and we were unsuccessful. Then this Sunday our ward mission leader said he talked to their friend and he said he really wants to hear our message, so we need to figure out where he lives!

We're hoping we can baptize someone that we're teaching before the next transfer comes.  I really love the people in this area.  This weekend is conference. We didn't watch it this week because we have to wait for the Samoan translation. Thankfully our area is somewhat close to town so in the chapel will be Samoan and in the cultural hall will be English. I found that out yesterday and it made my week.

I have been reading in the New Testament for my personal study the last few weeks and I've really enjoyed it. It's the first time I've ever read it all the way through. It talks a lot about the Atonement especially in all of Paul's epistles.  After reading one day, a thought came into my head, "Christ sacrificed himself, you're just sacrificing time." I thought about that for a while and realized the work I'm doing is nothing compared to what Christ did. Since I've had that thought, whenever I'm discouraged or thinking this is hard, I just try to comprehend the Atonement and think about everything He went through for me and for each of us.

Sorry for not having much to talk about this week. Thanks for not spoiling conference either!

Hope you all have a great week!

alofa atu

-Elder Tana

Just a sweet picture I took. you can see the little islands between us and Savai'i and then Savai'i

This is J. short for Junior. He's Tinei's son. Hes a super talkative little kid and loves when we visit.

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