Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Sunday March 27,2016


It was SUPER fun not having email the last two weeks. At least it went fast. Nothing crazy happened the last three weeks other than we had 7 baptisms.

This week is gonna be a lot of "door knocking" but Samoans don't have doors so we'll figure something out. We need to find some new investigators.

Transfers are in a few weeks. Time goes so fast. By the end of this transfer, I will have been in Faleasi'u for exactly 6 months. 26 weeks. I love this ward so much. We've had so much success and it's mostly because of the ward. They want to help us so much. Some members come up to us at church on Sundays and tell us that either they have someone for us to teach or that they are looking.

Malu and Vaimoa. Vaimoa in Samoan translates to chicken water so some people at church would kinda chuckle when we would say that's one of our investigators names. He is super cool. He's 13 and he got the priesthood this Sunday.

This photo is with our ward mission leader's mom. She is the best. Her son (Temple, our ward mission leader) took the picture and she said, "Hey, take a picture with my sons!" Their family makes "ice cakes" at their house which is flavored syrup and water in a styrofoam cup and they freeze it. They are only 50 cents and we get one almost every day. They cool me down for approximately 30 seconds.  

I'm thinking I'll probably get transferred this transfer. I've been here a while, so I'm ready for a new challenge and something different.  Part of me wants to leave but I know the second I leave, I'm going to want to come back. Saying goodbye to these people is going to be really hard...

 I have to go! The internet should be good for a pretty long time. Love you!!

In this picture with our baptisms, you'll notice my forearms are super shiny. The font was a little too full so we had to get a bucket and scoop out some water. Then we went straight to take the pictures and I was sweating soo bad.

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