Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, March 20th - internet at church still not working

Justin and friends hamming it up.  Those are some happy faces. 
Love that lava lava on Justin.

Another week in no man's land not hearing from Justin directly.  We're hoping he'll give us three week's worth next Sunday.  However, I'm sure he'll still be brief.  Thankfully, Justin's ward mission leader sent us a brief update and some pictures.  Here is the message we got from Justin's ward mission leader this evening:


Hi Sister Sterner well I emailed again because elder sterner called me again that he will not email due to the internet problem at the chapel, but want to let you know that he's doing great with his companion and so sorry for the problem hope I can help but I'm in work but will let him use my laptop next week so they can email you cos I'm in work now, we have 3 baptisms this week, I love working with your son and his companion since I'm the ward mission leader I want to say thank you for raising a caring and a great son and also a hard working elder in our ward, sorry this is my email at work but hope you and the family will have a great Sabbath day and he's sending his love to all of you, hope to see your reply so I can let him know,

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