Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17th, 2016 - climbing for coconuts

This week was really good! This will probably be my last week being companions with Elder Fifita.   Elder Fifita is great.  Training him went so fast and its going to go even faster this time with my new companion (I'll meet him tomorrow!).

We had some good visits. We went on a split with our ward mission leader one day last week and as we were walking, he said, lets go to this house! We went up to the house, but it was just kids and they were all sleeping. Temple (our ward mission leader) went up to one of them and started poking him with his umbrella and it took the kid about 20 seconds to wake up. It was pretty funny.  Later that week, Temple said he talked to the mom and she said we can come back. So we went this week and visited with them. They're really nice people. They have six kids and they seem open to learning more. There is one challenge and that is they are active in their own faith. 

We shared our purpose as missionaries and a spiritual thought. They said we could come back next week!!! Usually, the answer is a simple "no" or "i ai se taimi" which means there will be a time - which is basically a different way of saying no. I know its going to be really challenging teaching this family but I have faith that something great can come from it.

Saturday, Tavai was baptized. She lives with the family that has all those kids we baptized a while ago. We planned on baptizing her with them but her parents said no. She was devastated. I was so bummed for her. But time went on, we continued to visit, and her parents' hearts were softened and they finally said she could get baptized. The dad even said he notices how happy she is when we come and he just wants his daughter to be happy.  It was so awesome being able to baptize her. As I baptized her and she came up out of the water, she had the biggest smile on her face. That's what it's all about. There is no better feeling, especially when we realize what baptism means. It means we have started down the path to gain eternal life, the greatest gift available. We get to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and know perfect joy. Forever. That's something that I absolutely love giving to others and not just full-time missionaries can feel that joy. As members of the church, we all can feel that.

alofa atu

-Elder Tana

Tavai's baptism.

The kid going up that tree to get coconuts is 7!!!

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