Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10th - Staying in Faleasi'u until my 10 month mark

This week was great.

I got a pretty interesting call from President Hannemann on Tuesday, but first I have to explain what happened before. So in Samoa, and Tonga is the same, there is a huge Mormon compound kind of thing. The temple, mission office, church school, and all the senior couple homes and other people who work for the church live there too. There is also a dentist office where a senior couple work with some younger people from outside of Samoa. Tuesday is the day for missionaries to go to the dentist. Its been a while since I've been to the dentist so we decided to go. After the dentist, we went to the mission office because our phone wasn't working and we had stuff we wanted to put in our suitcases at the mission office (I left one of my suitcases in the mission office to keep stuff I don't need on a regular basis). We were talking to one of the senior couples and he said to look in president's office to look for an AP. President, his wife, and both the APs were in his office. We talked for a little bit and then Sister Hannemann took us to drop off our stuff. As we left the office, President asked his wife to make us a smoothie. I was stoked. It was so good. After taking care of all that business, we caught a bus back home.
About two hours later, after we finished up a visit, I felt the phone ringing and it was President Hannemann. I knew something was up. He asked me to say a prayer and then I knew for sure something was up. He went on to tell me that he wants to make Elder Fifita a trainer. I wasn't shocked. He's a great elder. He also said that I'm going to train as well!! And I'm staying in the same area! I'll hit my 10 month mark still in my first area. I just wonder if we hadn't gone to the office that day if we'd be training - haha
We had a great visit with one of our recent converts Malu. We talked about conference and we just talked about other stuff. She also mentioned that someone that lives next to them has been calling her Joseph Smith and she is kinda annoyed by it. Then I jokingly said, "Just wait for the judgement." And then she said that that's right and he's going to fale puipui (spirit prison). I was laughing and I was also happy that she remembers what we've taught her!
After finishing dinner with members, you say a thank you speech. But more often now people are saying not to do one. They all say aiga tatou which means we're family. I love these people. The longer I stay, it's going to just get harder and harder to leave.
Conference was awesome. I'm so grateful I was able to watch it in English. When we watched conference in the MTC, it was the first time I had ever watched every single session. Before, watching conference felt like forever but now I can't get enough. It went so fast....
 Hope everyone had a great week! I love and miss you all!
-Elder Tana

Just a sweet sunset pic.

This is an akualoa. Probably the most dangerous bug in Samoa and there were two in our house this week!!! They're so freakin' creepy. I hate them!

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