Monday, January 30, 2017

January 29th...FINALLY, we hear from Elder Sterner!

Note from mom...we didn't hear from Justin the last two Sundays, so we were anxious to hear from him today.  Since he is back out to the more remote areas of the island in Western Samoa, the internet connection is often hard to find.  We were so grateful to get his email and read that he has been really busy, and is SO happy.  He loves Satapuala!  And mom is happy because we got three weeks worth of photos! :)

 Lots of fun with the kids

 Just a little hot & sweaty...ha ha

Hi everyone! The past three weeks have been really good!  I have a new companion, we have a new house, we just had two baptisms and we have three more this Saturday!

The work is really good.  Our area is pretty big so we've been busy getting the people we are teaching prepared for their baptismal dates and not much time for tracting.  This week we hope to find a lot of new people to teach.

We're baptizing a couple this weekend and honestly, the first time I met them I never thought they would be interested in our church or getting baptized.  The gospel changes people and the change that takes place is amazing.  The Church is the best!!

I think I've lost weight too which is good...

 sugar cane


 our new house...BEFORE

our new house...AFTER! :)

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