Friday, October 7, 2016

It's already October - General Conference

 The old district. Transfers are this week but everything is staying the
same for us here except now I'm a district leader again.

The crew from Fagaloa (disclaimer - Elder Tiatia is totally flexing
so don't get your hopes up too much you young sisters out there)

We got to watch conference but it came with a price... We watched it live. Conference in Utah starts at 10am. Here we are 5 hours behind. If you do the math right you figured out that, yes, we had to be at the chapel at 5am to watch conference. We got up at 3:30, got ready, and then had to walk to the chapel. Both Saturday and Sunday. Conference was awesome  I know if we read and study each and every talk, we can find something in every talk that can help us with our daily lives. Something that stood out to me was how much they talked about the Plan of Salvation. Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, I feel we take this plan for granted. Just imagine if we didn't have the answers we do because of the Plan of Salvation.  Life would be a lot different.

Tala'i Tu'itu'i (going door to door) happened a lot this week. I seriously feel like I'm serving stateside when we do this. On Wednesday we were knocking doors and a lady comes out and tells us straight up she's not interested. When she closed the door, I just stood there for a few seconds trying to register what just happened. So weird. This one lady did let us in and we shared a quick message about the restoration. She was Fijian and said we can come back so we'll see what happens there.

I did get word that my first area (Faleasi'u) hit the goal of 20 baptisms they set at the beginning of the year and did it with three months to spare.  I really miss all the people there and I was really glad to hear that things are still moving forward. The missionaries there right now are my grandson and great-grandson. (meaning he trained them)

Our investigators are progressing but slowly. The difference in this area is that the ward isn't as supportive as I'm used to and they don't help in referring investigators that much. Missionary work is so much easier and faster when we all work together. So if for any reason you can help the missionaries, in the words of President Hannemann, DO IT! Not only will we bring more souls unto Christ, but we will be blessed beyond belief as we do so.

LOVE you all!

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