Friday, September 30, 2016

Sept. 26th - Taro field and kosi'ed hair...

We found a little patch of "real Samoa" so we decided to take a picture. 
Taro is what's growing in the back round...yum!

Fafagas were pretty good this week!

This week was really good and we set two baptismal dates for October. One woman is Philippino and she was baptized in the Philippines but moved to Tutuila and they lost her records. There are many Philippinos and Asians here in American Samoa.  They run a lot of the small businesses and stores.   

The other woman is M. We got to their house and were talking for a bit and then President Hannemann calls and says he wants to come to the lesson with us. So I was kinda freaking out but he couldn't have called at a better time becasue she is our best investigator.  So it was Me, Elder Fano, President, the APs and then M and H. We taught lesson 3, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ". We talked about faith, repentance, and baptism. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was super strong. We invited M to be baptized October 22nd and she accepted and we also invited H to do the baptism. He is a great guy and we hope he decides he would like to do that.  He was at church on Sunday with his mom who is really active which was great.

On Friday we had a meeting with president and the APs as a district. President really hammered into us that we need to have faith in this work. If we don't have faith we can't really achieve anything but if we have faith we can do anything. That kinda got me thinking about Christ's life. I really believe that if we can gain as much faith and confidence in Heavenly Father as Christ did, I truly believe we can do anything he did except for the Atonement. I know we can heal as He did and teach with the same power He did if we have the faith.

I also made some old Samoa connections this week finally!  One of our fafagas that feeds us is from Faleasi'u (my first area) and my first baptism was her sister-in-law so that was cool and we talked a lot about Faleasi'u.  Then on Sunday, the Elder's Quorum President came up to me and said that he talked to his brother who is a counselor to the bishop in one of the wards in my last area. So it was fun to talk to him about some things familiar to both of us.  He's a really cool guy.

 All in all, another solid week...

Don't get mad mom, but I kosi'ed my hair.  President said it looks sharp so we decided to do it.
( I wasn't exactly sure what that meant because it wasn't really clear from this photo, but in Justin's words..."It's where the part of my hair is and then we shave the part line so there is no hair there".  A Samoan thing I guess, and I'm actually a fan, so it's all good! :) )

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