Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 10th - lots of people to teach!

These kids are hilarious

We got two of these huge boxes for fafaga this week.
I think in the last two weeks we've had McDonalds 8 times.........

This week was really good. We met some new people that are really interested in the church.

L is a mom and her daughter F is 19 years old.  F did some lessons with missionaries before and really liked it. We visited them last week and talked with L and she seemed totally not interested and not wanting to talk to us. We then visited them this week and she was totally different. She apparently went to a ward with someone and really loved it. And now she really likes the church. We did two lessons with both of them last week and committed them to get baptized this month. It wasn't a firm yes so were gonna try to confirm it this week! 

The next person is this guy named D.  He is in his mid 20s. We visited this house with a lot of people and we just shared a quick message about the restoration and he really liked it!  He said he is just like Joseph Smith. He's been attending different churches his whole life and is still looking for the right one.  The only problem is that he leaves for Australia next week to work on a farm for 9 months.  (A lot of people do that here)  So we're gonna try to get his information and send it to whatever mission he's moving to. We were so bummed when he told us...

Then we met this lady who was really nice. She said she doesn't need to go to church, she can just pray and read the Bible and that's good enough. I felt impressed to share Helaman 5:12, one of my favorite scriptures.  We just talked about how we can help her strengthen her foundation. She said that scripture was perfect for her and her situation right now.  It was just cool to see the Holy Ghost work so simply but so powerfully.

This week we have a baptism for the Filipino woman we've been teaching.  
Finally a baptism!

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