Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday May 15th

This week was really good!

Tuesday we had an interesting run in with some missionaries of another faith. We planned on visiting this person we aren't really familiar with. As we walked up we saw three ladies sitting down. As I got closer I saw a bible open on the floor, so I thought that was a little weird. Then I got in and sat down and saw two umbrellas on the floor and when I saw that I knew it was other missionaries. Before anyone started talking, I knew it was gonna be a waste of our time. I asked them if they had any questions for us and they said for us to tell them something and then maybe they'll have a question. So I shared the purpose of missionary work and a quick overview of the restoration. I shared the scripture in Amos about a famine in the land of hearing the words of Christ. So I explained how Christ's church was established, it was taken off the earth and then restored. One of the ladies was saying that its talking about now and how Amos died 500 years ago..... After she said that I was just like, "let's go. Were wasting our time."  Plus, I was getting frustrated so the spirit definitely wasn't there.

Wednesday was kinda a bummer. We went to go visit the Mamoe family and the dad pretty much shut us down. All the kids were so devastated. We continue to visit them and share the gospel with them. The kids are great and really want to come to church. So I know they will get baptized but not anytime soon.  At least we can still spend time with them.

We had invited all of our investigators to church but none came. Two non-members came with their friends so we taught them after Sacrament. They're both in their mid 20s. They're super cool. We have a return date set with them both for this week and we hope to set them to be baptized on the 28th.

We're really hoping to get at least one more baptism before the transfer is over on the 29th. If we do or don't, whoever serves in Faleasi'u next transfer is going to have a lot of people to teach.

A sweet picture of the coastline.

This is a bus stop.  An interesting thing about Samoa is that they put graves in front of their houses.  The big dark stone one in the middle is probably for a chief and then you can see some smaller ones on the left.

Skyping on Mother's Day...THE BEST!!!

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