Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 1 - Eating pani popo

Another pretty average week here in Faleasi'u

Sunday was our busiest day. At church after Sacrament meeting we have a class with our investigators who come to church and our ward mission leader teaches it. Our ward mission leader wasn't able to make it to church and no investigators came to church. We were just sitting in the classroom and about halfway through the second hour, one of our investigators walked in. I was a little caught off guard but very happy he decided to come. Elder Fifita looked at me as to what to do and said we'll teach lesson one but Elder Fifita was gonna lead. He did a good job and the lesson went really smoothly. The spirit was definitely there. The investigators name is Apera'amo which is Abraham in Samoan. He is super cool and he loves to talk to us. When we would go and visit him he wasn't really open to us teaching him an actual lesson. We would try to sprinkle in some doctrine as we talked. But this time we taught him all of the lesson 1(the Restoration). We gave him a book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray about what we talked about. Lets hope he does!!

After church we had fafaga and they talked for a really long time. So we got home and did our planning for the week and then we had ward council. After ward council, we had a Stake mission meeting with a lot of the leaders of the stake. We're leading the stake with 11 baptisms this year and our goal for this month is 6. The goal set by our bishop for the whole year is 20.

After the meeting we went straight to the Mamoe family to do our FHE. We had to cancel Wednesday because things just wouldn't work out. It went really well! The spirit was definitely there and we all had a lot of fun playing games after the lesson. We planned on inviting them to be baptized but it just didn't feel right to me or Elder Fifita. We hope to get to them twice this week!

Other than that, a pretty uneventful week. I really feel that this week is gonna make or break the rest of the transfer. We have a lot of investigators on the fence and this week were gonna see which way they go. Lets hope its in a baptismal font!!

 Family Home Evening with the Mamoe family.

We ate pani popo after our Family Home Evening (FHE).  It's super good.  It's cinnamon roll stuff and then pe'epe'e which is coconut cream and then they add some cinnamon and sugar.  Super good!

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