Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan. 24th - food poisoning

Malo lava le soifua!!!

This week we didn't get a lot of visits in but the ones we did were solid. One lesson we had with Makerita was awesome. For our visit we decided to read Alma 7 together. It was really good and she shared a lot. After I testified, we asked how she was feeling. She just said how grateful she is for this gospel and the book of Mormon. She's grateful for the gospel and how it will bless her kids. She started crying and the spirit was so strong. We're trying to get her to come to church this week. It's been hard because she has a newborn baby to look after but she wants to get baptized so badly.

I got food poisoning from something this week. I don't know if it was from the water or the food but that knocked me out for a couple days.

On Tuesday our district had interviews with President Hannemann. It was really good. He shared one thing with me that I really liked. He just said how missionary work is so much easier than baseball.  We have Heavenly Father's help, the priesthood, the Holy Ghost, so many things to assist us. So I liked that and how he also connected it to baseball...

On Friday I had to do four baptismal interviews. They were really good. I really enjoyed doing them and seeing how strong their testimonies are and hearing about their conversion stories.

This Tuesday we have our Conference with Elder Christoffersen so I'm stoked for that. On Saturday we are doing a service project on the little island off the coast in our zone called Manono Tai. We're painting a school so that'll be really cool. I'm excited to get to go to that little island.

The work is really great and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It's going by too fast!

Alofa tele lava ia outou!

-Elder Tana

A photo of the buses that are all over the place.  It's really cool how they make them.  They just take the engine part and then build the whole body around it out of wood.

Makerita is on the left and the other lady is a nice member of the ward that comes to our lessons.  I'm actually not sure who the kids belong to!

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