Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Manuia le Tausaga Fou!

We had a slight setback and couldn't baptize the couple we married on Christmas because the place to file the marriage papers was closed all week. So'o's baptism made up for it. It was so awesome. She was so excited to get baptized that she was already standing in the water before they announced her name to enter the water. When we confirmed her on Sunday she was balling. The Spirit was so strong. She is the sweetest lady. She is always smiling and happy.

This week we have the couple getting baptized and then a 15-year-old girl as well. Helping these great people enter the waters of baptism is the best.

New Years Eve was pretty crazy. The locals played volleyball from 9:00 at night till we woke up in the morning. It was crazy!

We've had two different new companions with us this week. The first one was a visa waiter waiting to go to Papua New Guinea. He was feeling really homesick and some of the mission leaders came and picked him up to help him work through some of those feelings we probably all have to varying degrees.  I hope he started feeling better about things.  The second one is Elder Afuvai. He's from Washington and has been out for 17 months. He is a super cool and funny guy.

This week for training I had to lead all the lessons. It was really good. I realized I know more than I think I know. It was funny, sometimes during the lessons, I would say a sentence and not really think about it in English. After I would say it, I was like shoot, what did I say?! but then I would think about what I said and it made sense. Hopefully that's a good sign. I definitely learned a lot this week and I know more about the language than I thought.  Who knew?

That was my week. Hope all is well!! Love you all!

Elder Sterner

Sweet So'o at her baptism.

This is Elder Sa'u. He is from the village I'm serving in right now. He's one of my favorites.
He is SO funny. He knows probably three words in English - I. Love. You.
He is just the funniest guy and always has the happiest face.

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