Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 4th - Last weeks photos and new email from Tuesday, April 4th

(Mom is pretty proud of herself for figuring out the computer/photo issue.  I was about ready to call in the big guns for help...but with a little prayer and pleading...problem solved!!! :)  So these are the photos from the last few weeks...)

"An elder in my zone carved a Samoan design in my name tag.  Pretty cool!"

"One of the kids in our Sunday school on the sand"


"Samoan sunset"

Email from Tuesday, April 4th...
This week was good. Pretty busy.

Sunday at church went really great. Almost 50 people were there. The Stake Presidency was also there and the stake president challenged the Sunday School to have 6 worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holders and then they can become their own branch and stand by themselves. After church they made food and first came out with the ice cream followed by a massive fish head. Another elder has a picture of it so I need to get it. So big.

It's annoying when missionaries who don't want to work take away time from those who do. One thing I've learned being a zone leader is that the more responsibilities, the more time you'll be spending helping others. Also, as a regular missionary you spend almost all your time working with investigators and helping them, but as a zone leader you spend a lot of time working with missionaries which has been fun.

So we got a referral Thursday for a girl named P***we went to try and find P**** but we accidently got her name mixed up and were asking for the wrong person... Sunday after church we went to go visit a companionship in our zone to pick up baptismal papers and then I remembered there was a fireside happening in our area and for some reason I felt like we should really go but I didn't know why. We showed up and one of our recent converts was bearing her testimony and then P*****, the lady we've been looking for, bore her testimony and said that we'll probably be seeing her face more often cause she wants to come to our church. It was pretty sweet. After, we talked and set an appointment for this Friday. We're hoping to set her for the 15th to get baptized.

Oh and we get to watch general conference this week so I'm excited for that!

 The district before my companion got transferred


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