Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Double blog post from 12/5 & 12/12

First niu I've had in Tutuila


This week was really cool. 

Our teaching pool is growing but the progress feels slow sometimes.  I've noticed there are many people from the Philippines in American Samoan.  We did finally get an opportunity to visit the lady from India. It ended up being a pretty solid Bible bash where we just argue back and forth.  Bible bashes are entertaining every now and then. For me, I still see them as an opportunity to share what I know and believe, so I don't mind them sometimes.  I feel the spirit working and bringing scriptures to my rememberance to share.  It makes me want to study and learn more, and it also reminds me of the truthfulness of the gospel!

Wednesday we had our Christmas program for Tutuila.   We started out with a quick devotional thing with the mission president, his wife, the APs, and some sister training leaders. It was really good and we talked a lot about Christ and His life.  After that, we got to do some shopping and I got some cool shirts.  Then we ate at this Chinese food place.  After that we went to the Hospital for a service opportunity.  We sang to people and  I also had the opportunity to give an elderly lady a blessing.  I actually did it in Samoan and it went well! The whole singing thing is not me at all, but it was awesome to be able to exercise the priesthood and to be able to bless someone else. 

Samoa is good and it's only getting hotter.

Alofa atu ia te outou uma lava!!

a little gecko

Hi everyone!

This week was awesome and we have a baptism set for Christmas Eve! 

Her name is L... and she is super cool!  We met her Thursday and she's the most prepared investigator ever!  She loves to talk so the first visit was almost 3 hours long.  She is from San Francisco so we're teaching the lessons in English.  She's already read almost all of 1st Nephi and is searching all the time.  We did lesson one and when we invited her to be baptized she said, " I'm down!  Let's do this!  I'm down!!"  Pretty funny and I'm super excited for that!

We met another guy who started telling us we're wasting our time and it was super frustrating.  It's amazing how on the mission you can go from super highs and feeling great about things to those types of conversations and feeling a bit down and defeated.  Thankfully, there are way more of the great times.  It's no surprise that we didn't spend a lot of time talking to him.

One of our fafagas took us to McDonalds and on the way home we helped this guy jump his car.  We jumped it with copper wire.  It was so sketchy but it worked!  I'm learning all types of things.....

Good times

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