Friday, December 2, 2016

Chinese food for Thanksgiving - Nov. 28


This week had its ups and downs...

On the bright side we found a lot of new people to teach which is exciting. People from all over the world that settled here - Filipinos, Samoans, and an Indian woman straight from India. They all seem pretty interested. 

On the down side, we lost a couple baptismal dates. The young man we planned to baptize this upcoming week couldn't make it to church so we have to push it back again. Hoping this is something he really wants.  I guess we'll find out this week.

The elders from Manu'a were on the island for a checkup and we got to do a split with them. Elder Reid (from Provo) and Elder Brown (he's from Fagaloa).  It was fun and we found some people to talk to and teach.  At one house as we were walking up, we heard, "GO AWAY PLEASE!!" in a very irritated tone.  Then Elder Brown said, ia! manuia le aso! Alofa atu!!  (have a good day. Love you!). It was pretty funny.

We still have the family committed to get baptized the 14th of January. She leaves to Upolu next month so we continue to visit her.

I read something from a conference talk from a while ago that I really liked.  I can't remember who said it but he said, "One of the aspects that God likes about being God is that He is able to be merciful." 

Heavenly Father wants us to do our best but sometimes we mess up. He is merciful and is eternal and will always help us even when we mess up.  That's comforting to know.

This baby is the child of our investigators. He is 4 months and so chubby.
Such a big baby but so cute and fun.

Our Thanksgiving  meal...a member dropped off some Chinese food.

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