Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20th - 1st Christmas is coming in Samoa

Manuia Kerisimasi!!
This week was really good. We have three baptisms set for this Saturday which will be Christmas back home. #whitechristmas!  We're also doing a wedding Christmas morning so two other people we are teaching can get baptized next week! Definitely a different Christmas than any other, but it'll probably be the best one so far.
We're gonna be on Samoan TV! On Christmas Eve here and the 23rd back home, were singing in front of the parliament building. I think we start at 6:30pm which is 10:30pm in America. Its called TV3. I have no idea how to find it but if you want to watch some native Samoans dance and listen to us sing, you should tune in. Were also painting a school which will be the first service project I've been able to do since I've been here.  Sometimes it's hard for people to let us help.  It should be a fun day. 
We had a lot of good visits this week. One that is gonna stick with me for a while was with So'o (So'o in Samoan is disciple). She is the elderly woman I mentioned last week.  She couldn't be more prepared for us to teach her. We visited her on Tuesday this week but her neighbors were blasting music, so we thought it would be best to set another date. But before we left her daughter, whose one-year-old son just passed away, she asked us such an awesome question. She asked if she'll have a chance to raise her son after this life. We were able to answer her question with a scripture in D&C Section 130 Verse 2.
2 And that same sociality‍ which exists among us here will exist among us there, only it will be coupled with eternal glory, which glory we do not now enjoy.
She will have that opportunity to raise her son in the next life only it'll be coupled with eternal glory. I love knowing that families are eternal.  I'm so grateful for this gospel and the answers it gives us. Being able to turn to the scriptures and find answers to our questions is so comforting.
We went back later this week and taught So'o about the plan of salvation and temple work. She understood it all and didn't even have any questions. She is so ready to learn. We have her baptism set for the 2nd of January.
I love it here.  It's the best! The Christmas season is celebrated a lot differently than in America but I only get two here, so I'm enjoying every minute. I've seen some fales with lights and it makes my day. I also love hearing all the Christmas music blasting throughout the village.
Time really does fly!
Elder Sterner
Can you believe I get to see this every day?!

A coconut plantation.

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