Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 14 - We finally got a package from Justin this week!!!! :) And...more frogs.

We had a district meeting this week with the mission president
(President Hanneman), his wife, and the assistants.

This week was awesome!

We have a baptismal date set for the 26th. It's an investigator we've been working with for a long time and she's about 50 years old, I would guess.  She finally had the courage to make this commitment to her Heavenly Father.  She also has kids at the house that want to get baptized too, but they have just been waiting for permission. Now that the mom has commited to get baptized, I'm pretty positive they'll follow. 

We also met a lot of new people this week who seem really interested in the church so it will be great if we can teach these great people about the Savior.

We also had an interesting encounter with another lady. We sat down and she started rambling on about her church, how perfect the Bible is and that she only reads the Bible.  She said she won't even read the newspaper - so I knew we were in for a fun lesson.  I tried to share a verse from the Book of Mormon that talks about how the Book of Mormon is all about Christ and another testimony of Him. But she stopped me and said she doesn't care because she only reads the Bible. One thing that most of the Samoans often claim is that we all go to different churches but we all worship the same God. So I shared the verse in Ephesians 4 that says, one faith, one baptism.... Then I asked her how they do baptism in their church and she said the same as the Mormon church. So then I asked if after she got baptized if she received the Holy Ghost. She said no. So then I shared the verse in Acts 19 when Paul teaches that baptism must be followed by the laying on of hands to get the Holy Ghost. So then she changed her answer and said she did but she received it when she said the baptismal prayer. Then I read the part in the scriptures when it says laying on of hands and she tried to dodge it but couldn't. So we felt like we proved our point, but it's hard to really have a good lesson when we're just going back and forth like that.  Needless to say, we don't plan on going back. It seemed like a waste of time.

I also just have to say that the gift of tongues is so real. 

Oh and we did a split with the zone leaders so they came and we all proselytized in our area. We visited this one family that one of the elders knew from his village in Upolu.  She apparently had gained some weight since he last saw her.  He said, "Wow, you got fat!!  You've been eating too much Carl's Jr.!"   I could not believe he said that!  If we were in America, he would've gotten slapped and no girl would ever talk to him again!  But in Samoa, we all just laugh... I thought the it was great!

Hope you all have a great week!!

This is what came in the package that Justin sent us.  We enjoyed the Samoan cookies and hope to make the "Koko Samoa" soon.  He also sent a bunch of ramen type noodles that look interesting.  "Uso" on the shirts is the Samoan word for brother or sister...just an  FYI since we weren't sure what that meant so we looked it up.

more frogs

(note from us - Transfers came today but Justin did not get transferred this time and will stay in the same place for the next 6 weeks.)

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