Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday - Feb. 7th


This week was really good and we had a lot of really good, fun lessons. We have three baptisms this week which is awesome and we think we can hopefully have 6 or 7 this month.

Two of the people getting baptized this week are two kids. Their names are Matthew and Sharon and we taught them just about everyday this week. Matthew is nine and Sharon is twelve. When we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ we thought of a really good way to help them understand. I got some warheads, the super sour candies, and used them when we talked about repentance. How when you sin and haven't repented it's sour and painful but after repentance it's sweet. I have a video of it and it's so funny. They are so fun to teach and they love the gospel and taking the lessons.

There is this one lady that has been chasing us around really wanting to talk with us but we just haven't had time to visit with her.  This week we were finally able to. Her name is Iloga. We visited with Iloga, Iloga's mother, and Iloga's children. As the lesson went on, she told us that she is already baptized and her mom is as well. They hadn't been to church in forever. The grandma started talking and she just said how she visited a bunch of different churches but she has always known the church is true. Iloga's children aren't baptized and we are going to start lessons with them. We invited them all to church and they came and the grandma went and bore her testimony which was really awesome. Iloga's daughter's name is Rosa and she loved church. She had the biggest smile on her face all day which was so cool.

On Thursday, we were walking to a visit and this guy stopped us and he wanted to talk to us. He said he wanted to talk in English. It was so weird. I felt weird speaking English and it was really hard for me to think of things to say.

I can't wait for this week and our baptisms on Saturday! Always super busy which is good!

Alofa atu

Elder Sterner

Drinking a fresh niu that our ward mission leader got from the tree and my companion opened it.

One of the strange fruits in season right now. It's really good. You peel it and its kind of like a grape with a big seed on the inside. It's really sweet and tasty. We saw one of the trees in front of someone's house and we asked if we could buy some and we got about 20 for 5 bucks.

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